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Buying a luxury apartment? Here are some tips!

Perth city is growing up! With the state government spending hundreds of millions of dollars on many game changing infrastructure projects around the city. With these improvements and the great lifestyle benefits of inner city living, here are some tips to help choose a Perth luxury apartment.


Learn the search process:

With a multitude of search options available, purchasers can view luxury apartments on the three large online property portals (realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and reiwa.com.au). Additionally, many luxury apartments go unlisted, these properties are only known to local area real estate agents through their personal connections, so chatting to a local agent can be very beneficial to the search process.


Luxury Perth Apartments

Luxury Perth Apartments


Look for the amenities you will use:

Most of the modern luxury apartment projects now days are packed full of amenities to give residents a hotel fashioned lifestyle. It is up to the discerning buyer to decide on their personal requirements however there is an apartment to suit everyone. Amenities include pools, gyms, bocci greens, yoga rooms, games rooms, movie rooms, BBQ areas, concierge services and many more.

High Quality Build:

When choosing a luxury apartment, the builder is just as important as the developer. Sometimes the same company is both developer and builder however many times the developer employs a third-party builder. It is important to choose an apartment with a high-quality builder with a long term track record.


Luxury Perth Apartments

Luxury Perth Apartments

Go beyond the photos:

Photos are a great introduction to the property however you need to go and see the apartment in person to get an actual feel for the property.


Work with a local expert:

Local real estate agents live and breath property 24/7. They know the ins and outs of all the local buildings and potential positives and negatives. Chatting to a local expert can help you getter a better understanding of the apartment and the overall market.


Look into the future:

Make sure you know what other developments are planned in the local area. In Perth city you can look up the planned future developments at the local council.