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Wassup Dog


Located on Royal Street in East Perth, Wassup Dog offers a menu starring gourmet hot dogs that are made in-house from scratch. You can also enjoy cheese toasties, meatballs, salads, chips, desserts, milkshakes and some of the smoothest brewed coffee going around. Sporting an upbeat vibe and great customer service, Wassup Dog will not disappoint.

At just 18 years old, Jules Aknin originally came to Perth from France to better his English only to stay and build one of Perth’s best gourmet hot dog restaurant and catering businesses; Wassup Dog. He began his journey washing cars by day and doing dishes at a pizza shop by night, often having his claims of one day open his own shop laughed at by his co-workers. When his next job as a chef at a Northbridge Italian Restaurant was taken from him after it was sold, Jules vowed to never rely on someone else for an income again.


Selling his mother on the idea of opening up a hot dog stand, Jules and his mum purchased is first hot dog stand from gumtree. In 2013, he set up his first stand in Kings Square, Fremantle selling $5 hot dogs for 10 hours. By the end of the day he was ecstatic, $70 in revenue and $45 profit after one day of business and he began to dream of expansion. Continuing along this path, Jules set up wherever he could including outside various night clubs and hip-hop events and after 2 years he had 4 fully operational stands along with a substantial catering business.


While walking with his girlfriend one afternoon in East Perth Jules strolled past the location of one of his first jobs; the pizza shop. It was being shut down. Still hungry to grow his business Jules couldn’t help but see this as a sign. Convinced by the potential of East Perth, and eager to prove those early doubters wrong, he decided to take the opportunity to set up the first Wassup Dog brick and mortar shop.


Located on Royal Street in East Perth, upon entering Wassup Dog you are greeted by the beautiful aromas of sizzling sausages, flavoursome condiments and fresh bread. Providing an array of seating areas, both inside and out, allows anyone to enjoy the upbeat vibe while catching up over a hotdog with friends.


The menu at Wassup Dog is comprised of a huge variety of gourmet hotdogs. Catering for people with different tastes there is also vegan sausage options for those that are that way inclined. Along with hotdogs, you have the option to enjoy cheese toasties, meatballs, salads, chips, desserts, milkshakes and some of the smoothest brewed coffee going around. And if all that wasn’t enough, everything at Wassup Dog, from the bread to the condiments to the sausages, is made from scratch meaning you will only get served the best.


Wassup Dog still offers its catering services and pop-up stands for events around Perth. Having built the business from pop-up hot dog stands, Jules and his team have great experience in this space and continually provide a seamless service at many events.


Jules doesn’t just run the back-end of the business, he is also present front of house and is determined for the soul of Wassup Dog to survive as it grows. With customer service the central focus, the consistent positive reviews and repeat customers prove that Jules and his Wassup Dog team are doing something right. Whether you need a feed before heading over to an event at Perth Stadium or a quiet relaxing coffee on your work break, Wassup Dog will not disappoint.


Customer Reviews

This place is my fav, for so many things. Their handmade sausage creations and epic flavors. Plus the chill vibes of the staff that truly make a way for even the kookiest of characters to find a home here. I love the food a ridiculous amount, I always take my visiting friends to grab a great dog. Love your work! Keep it up! They have epic weekly specials

– Phillis

The sausage king delivers! I used Wassup Dog recently to cater for our companies end of month lunch. This is normally a difficult ordeal as we have to find a suitable offering for all dietary requirements (couple of vegans and gluten intolerances). In summary it was a perfect fit and very gourmet must I add. Rang the shop direct and placed an order 2 days in advance. It made the entire process super simple. Keep up the good energy.

– David



Address: 113 Royal Street, East Perth WA 6004

Phone: 9221 5436

Hours: Monday 9am-9pm, Tuesday 9am-9pm, Wednesday 9am-9pm, Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 9am-9pm






Brendan Bowie

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