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Changing managing agencies can be a lot easier than you may realise.

Are you not receiving the service you expect and deserve or is your current agencies lack of communication beginning to frustrate you?

Find out how to switch to Perth Executive Properties by referring to the following step by step guide below.

  1. Your tenants current or expired lease is not the same as a management authority, the lease does not impact who your decision to change agency.
  2. Check your records for your current Management Authority, this is the actual agreement between you and your enlisted agency.
  3. If you agreement has expired please read point 5 on-wards, if it is still valid see point 4.
  4. If your management authority is still valid, unfortunately you are unable to change at this time but are able to once your agreement expires. We recommend giving your current agency the required 28 days notice leading up to the expiry date. click here to use our letter template.
  5. Contact us to receive our exclusive Management Authority to sign.
  6. Simply complete the information as indicated in our ‘Change of Agency’ letter template and send to your current property manager. click here to download.

Easy as that…

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