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Results Based Training


Based out of a warehouse on Regal Place in East Perth, Results Based Training provides clients with structured workout and nutrition programs, along with other tools, to help people achieve their fitness goals. With hundreds of current clients saying that Results Based Training has improved their overall wellbeing and self confidence, if you’re looking to get in shape do yourself a favour, get down to Regal Place, and check it out.

Since starting his career in personal training in 2004, Travis Jones always wanted to start up his own line of gyms. With a lot of other gyms surviving off the membership fees of people who didn’t actually go and workout, Travis saw an opportunity in the market. In 2010 he decided to risk it all, opening his first Results Based Training Gym in South Melbourne and living out of it for the first year. With a focus on providing a results driven workout and nutrition program the first gym was a great success.


Results Based Training has now expanded to 20 gyms around Australia and the United States, including one based out of East Perth. Ryan Dickson, Travis’ best mate since they were five years old, manages the Western Australian gyms and also has a depth of experience in the industry having been a personal trainer since 2006. Both Travis and Ryan take great pleasure in helping clients have better, more fulfilled lives by actively helping them achieve their physical goals.


The Results Based Training Gym in East Perth is based out of a warehouse on Regal Place that immediately gives you the sense that you are their for one reason; hard work. Walking in you’ll immediately notice the ‘goals’ wall where every client writes their physical goals in chalk for everyone to see. The gym is very well equiped, bright fluorescent lights illuminate rows of lifting frames, squat racks, free weights and medicine balls. To get you in shape, Results Based Gyms offer 3 levels of structured programs.


Level 1 is a 16 session, 28 day challenge that is designed to help you take your first steps on your body transformation journey. It includes functional movement-based training programs and a basic nutritional framework to follow.


After 28 days if you feel as if you’ve levelled up you can take on Level 2. The program is titled ‘Accelerated Fat Loss’ and introduces you to strength training and also includes personalised nutrition, mentoring and regular body composition tests.


If you feel you have an adequate strength base and are looking for a way to completely optimise your fitness Level 3, the ‘Transformation’ program, is for you. Providing in-depth strength training, personalised nutrition, metabolic conditioning, mentoring and body composition tests you will have everything you need to get your body in tip-top shape. Both Level 2 and 3 also offer bonus yoga and ‘sweat’ sessions if you feel like you’re in need of some extra work.


Results Based Gyms also offer other fitness options including bootcamps, self programming, personal training and online coaching.


The rapid growth of Results Based Training and the never ending pages of positive reviews and transformation photos on their web profiles is proof that they are doing something right. If you have been planning to get back in shape or struggle to stick to a program head down to Results Based Training. You’ll be greeted by a positive team and community that is their solely to help you achieve your physical goals.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent and friendly coaches with a fun vibe in the gym builds a great feel amongst members. Workouts vary each session which supports continual improvement.

– Tamer


Ryan Dickson and the coaching team at RBT are Quality Trainers and exceptional at helping you map out your Health/Fitness/Nutrition goals, then making them come to life. The 28 Day Fitness challenge is a must to prepare you for what’s to come if you decide to take on the decision to enhance your fitness, wellbeing and get your body summer ready :). I started in Jan 2017 and 5 months later I’m fitter, stronger (mentally/physically), lighter than I have been in 10 years…..

– Danny



Address: 19 Regal place, East Perth WA 6004

Phone: 1300 774 244

Mobile: 0439 919 309

Hours: Monday 5:30am-9pm, Tuesday 5:30am-9pm, Wednesday 5:30am-9pm, Thursday 5:30am-9pm, Friday 5:30am-9pm, Saturday 8am-1pm, Sunday Closed






Brendan Bowie

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