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 Home    The Connected Renter. How to make your apartment smarter!

Nowadays an increasing number of smart home devices cater towards the rental market. This allows renters to turn their rented space into a smart home with all the benefits and convenience of modern technology.

Firstly, how do smart devices work and what is the concept behind them. “The Internet of Things” (IOT) is the framework where everyday objects are interconnected to each other allowing users to control them from their smartphones.

The most well-known framework is Apple’s Homekit, it allows manufacturers to link-up their devices with your iPhone, iPad, apple watch, Apple TV. More here: https://www.apple.com/au/ios/home/

The other main competitor is Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant that powers the Amazon Echo speaker. These speakers can also be used to voice control smart home products.

With free WIFI included in many rental apartments, like this funky studio we have for rent on Adelaide Terrace (https://www.executiveproperties.com.au/properties/21255-adelaide-terrace-east-perth-wa-6000/) and the prevalence of smartphones here are a few examples that could make your rental apartment smarter.

  • 1. WeMo Switch Smart Plug: Plug in a WeMo switch, download the free app and start controlling your lights and appliances from anywhere in the world.



Smart Apartments Perth

  • 2.  Phillips Hue and White Colour Ambiance Kit: Create the mood and change the colours of the lights in your apartment with these smart LED bulbs and bridge. From the Phillip’s hue app you can conveniently control your lights and change the colours.




  • 3. Sonos Play 1 Speaker: With a Sonos Play speaker system you can stream music throughout your apartment directly from your smartphone. Sync it up with your Spotify account and you have all the music you could ever need at the touch of your hand.


Perth Smart Apartment

Perth Smart Apartment


  • 4. ILIFE V5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Mop

Vacuuming, mopping and sweeping all in one little robot.


Perth Smart Apartments

Perth Smart Apartments

  • 5. Ikea Wireless charging furniture: Get rid of the messy look of cords and check out ikeas wireless charging lamps, bedside tables and pads.



Smart Apartment Perth

Smart Apartment Perth