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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

Why is it important to find the right agent?

Often a property is your most valuable asset and choosing the right person and agency to sell it is a big decision. Whether it is your treasured family home, your first property, an investment or a hybrid of all of the above, you need to be able to trust that the agent you hire is the best person for the job.


The agent you choose will determine the eventual selling price of your property, along with the time it spends on the market, the level of communication you receive, and a whole host of other factors which will lead to either a stressful or stress-free selling experience.


To choose the right agent, you need to know first what to look for and then when and how to look.



Important Real Estate Agent Factors



First things first, your agent needs to be licensed in accordance with the current legislation. Western Australian legislation regulates matters within the industry to maintain the correct code of conduct and manages the continual education of licensees engaged in the business of selling, buying, leasing and managing property.


It is good practice to do a quick licence check on the agents you are considering before signing up with your preferred choice. What’s good to know is the team at Perth Executive Properties are all fully licensed and operate lawfully under the current legislation.


Local Agent

The next step is to check whether the agents you are approaching are local, and operate in the area your property resides. They need to be well aware of the area, it’s local attractions and detractions, as well as what other properties are on the market and what has previously sold.


This will allow them to provide you with an accurate expected sale value, as well as other advice surrounding the sale of your property.


Market Knowledge

Continuing the theme from above, not only does the agent need have strong knowledge of the local area, but the market at large. Especially surrounding suburbs that may have properties within them that will be competing with yours when you go to market.


They should be able to provide you a general overview of property trends, attractions, and the type of buyers in the surrounding property market.



Does the agent and the agency they represent have experience in the method of sale you are looking to use? Along with their local and general market knowledge, the agent should be able to provide details demonstrating their expertise in certain markets, whether that be within a certain area or a type of property; such as apartments.



Finding an agent you can trust is of high importance. It may seem obvious but finding someone that gives you honest advice, even if it goes against what the agent may want, is a must.


For example, agents that provide bloated property valuations to secure your listing, are only wasting your time and money. An agent that provides an honest valuation, although the price may be not what you want to hear, will allow you to make informed decisions around the sale of your property.


Lastly, finding someone that you feel comfortable with is another good quality to look for. Listening intently to your concerns and providing genuine answers is not only beneficial to you, but to prospective buyers during the marketing campaign of your property.




Where and how to look for a Real Estate Agent?



If you don’t have any idea of your local agents, going online is a good start. Googling ‘Real Estate Agents suburb’ is a good start, otherwise go to or and search for properties in your suburb. You will quickly get a grasp of the agents in the area and get an idea of which marketing style you prefer. Alternatively, you can always give Perth Executive Properties a call!


Home Opens

Going to some of your prospective agents local home opens is a fantastic way to get a feel for their ability. Keep an eye out for how they behave – Are they on time? Was all the marketing for the property presented well and properly prepared? Do they stand at the door and great attendees and capture their details? Do they highlight the properties features? Do they answer confidently any answers asked of them? Did they seek feedback from the prospective buyers upon leaving?



If you know of anyone that has used them in the past, ask them for their opinion. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to ask for references or referrals. Talking with an agents or agency’s previous and current clients can give you a great idea of the level of service you can expect.


Example Questions

Before contacting an agent you need to know what you value in an agent. Write down some questions that you would like to know the answer. Writing down a list also prevents you from forgetting items that are important to you during your conversation. Below are some good example questions:


  1. How much do you think my property is worth?


  1. What advertising and marketing would you recommend?


  1. How would you sell my property and why?


  1. How long do you think it will be on the market?


  1. What makes you different from other agents and agencies?


  1. What have you sold recently?


  1. How long have you been selling real estate?


  1. Do you have any references from previous clients?


  1. What is your fee structure?


  1. Can you show me your licence and registration?


Perth Executive Properties specialise and are leaders in executive leasing and sales in Perth. Our local agents are experts in their areas, professional and are motivated to help you achieve your property goals. Please feel free to get in contact for general advise, or a sales or lease appraisal.


Brendan Bowie

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