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Emergency Repairs Perth Executive Properties

Should there be any emergency maintenance required at your property, please contact us as soon as possible to report this.

If this happens after hours and is an emergency, you can contact us on our afterhours number below. If the call is not answered immediately, please leave a voice message or send through an SMS advising of the issue and property address, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Emergency After Hours Contact;     0424 333 421

If it is an emergency that could cause damage to the property or injury (such as burst pipes, electrical faults, gas leaks, serious roof leaks) please refer to the below contractors for immediate attendance and advise us in writing to:

Plumbing & Gas Issues // On Tap Plumbing   0438 882 249

Electrical Issues // Bara Electrical  0408 950 338

State Emergency Services (SES)  132 500


Locked Out?

If you are locked out of your property for any reason and this is during office hours, please feel free to contact us and we may be able to arrange for you to borrow our office set of keys to gain access. If this happens after hours or on the weekend, unfortunately we are unable to assist, and you will be responsible for arranging a locksmith at your cost.

Preferred Locksmiths

A1 Locksmiths   //  (08) 9370 2943

Sheehan Locksmiths //  0420 102 314


Emergency guidelines & tips

  • Please note that if you go ahead with a repair that is not an emergency, the Owner is NOT obliged to pay for any expenses incurred.
  • Air conditioning faults are not classified as an emergency, please report any faults and we will arrange repair in a timely manner.
  • If you have a blocked or leaking toilet that cannot be used, this is only classified as an emergency if you only have 1 toilet in the property.


Burst Pipes

If a pipe burst within the property or a serious leak occurs, please immediately turn off the isolation valve in the property to prevent further damage and call a plumber right away. Please familiarise yourself where the isolation valve is located, should you ever need to turn it off.


Electrical Faults

Please check your RCD box for any tripped switches, prior to calling an electrician. It may be that an appliance is causing the issue. You should disconnect all appliances inside and outside the apartment before turning them on one by one to see if this is the cause of the power tripping. If an appliance is causing the tripping, you will need to cease using this.


Break Ins

If you experience damage caused by a break in (broken window or damage to doors or locks) you will need to report this to the police and obtain a police report. If you require a glazier to attend to secure the property, you can arrange this and send us the invoice along with the police report number.

Glazier      Prompt Glass 9330 5555

Action Glass   9249 2429



Police                          131 444

Alinta Gas                   13 13 52

Water Corporation    13 30 75

Emergency                 000

Synergy Power          13 13 51