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The Cat Café Purrth – 147 Rokeby Road

The Cat Café is a Social Enterprise located at 147 Rokeby Rd, Subi. Visitors can come and enjoy yummy cup cakes, cookies, muffins, mini cheese cakes and coffees whilst spending time with the playful resident cats who have all been adopted from the Cat Haven. Since opening last year more than 25,000 people have visited the cat lounge and 75,000 have enjoyed a coffee.

The café is split into two sections with an alfresco area facing Rokeby road and a cat lounge out the back. The cat lounge is a relaxing space filled with comfy lounge chairs and a super Nintendo and has been designed to be an enjoyable sanctuary for patrons and a comfortable home for the resident cats.

The café was started by Architect and Animal lover Chris Mewburn and Terps Platritis who aimed to create the happiest place in Perth whilst educating visitors about animal welfare, pet care and the benefits of adopting cats.

A part of all profits from the café go back to the Cat Haven and when ordering a coffee the choices are kitten, cat and lion!

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