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Perth Swan River Cruises

If you are looking for a Perth activity that is a little out of the ordinary Gondolas on the Swan could be for you! Gondolas on the Swan provide authentic Venice styled Gondola cruises on the picturesque waters of Elizabeth Quay and the Swan River. Leaving from Elizabeth Quay patrons can take a quick 15 minute or half an hour cruise or if you are looking to spoil a special someone the one hour sunset cruises would be the way to go.

With a plush velvet interior, Venetian drapes, romantic Mandolin music playing in the background and a Gondolier in traditional Venetian costume at the helm, prepare to be transported in both place and time, from the moment your journey begins.

The hand crafted wooden gondola was designed and built in Perth and also comes with a strong Western Australian heritage. The hull is made of solid Western Red Cedar. The builder and wood carver also were highly qualified, having worked extensively on both the Endeavour and Duyfkin replica boats. The sternpost of the gondola is a head of the iconic Black Swan.

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