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How Does A Designer Home Look Like

Draw inspiration from others We love seeing new design ideas, materials and concepts through our social media feeds. Best way to see what the latest in design and architecture is via social media, instagram and pinterest we find the most inspirational.  

Luminous 3 Bedroom Apartment Flaunting Modern Style

Apartment Design; often cutting edge We are lucky to see some of the best apartments for sale or for lease in our city. Some apartment design can be labelled “cookie cutter” however more often than not in the more modern buildings you will see and experience clever design and wonderful floor plans.

Provocative Home Design Re-Shaping The Landscape

Provocative Home Design Re-Shaping The Landscape

Unique Design ideas and concepts Now more than ever we are seeing examples of quirky and unique home, and commercial designs. Often bought about by challenges in the environment and landscape of the location and home site. It’s great to see designers and architects rise to such challenges, and love em or hate em, deliver […]